My new place at Slideshare...

Since a lot of time ago, I wanted to create a slideshare place for upload presentations, but always I leave it under other tasks. At the end I do it. It was difficult. It took me more than three years ... Now you can check my slides at 

And the first presentation that I publish is one that I liked a lot. Was an event organized by In2, Balearis, Liferay and Alfresco in Palma de Mallorca at a magical date: 09/09/09. At this event, we could find really very good presentations, like the one from the great Jorge Ferrer (Liferay) or the good one from Gabriele Columbro (Alfresco).

Mine presentation was pure Mediterranean. I spoke about “how to avoid the fat on critical mission infrastructures with Open Source and Balearic ingredients”. A good diet. In fact, were two case studies (from 2009) with some data about how Open Source, specially Liferay and Alfresco, works fine at critical environments, such as governments or financial. It’s in Spanish, but I’ll translate it in English one day.

Well,  Mallorca and Open Source rocks!

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