Over 15 years I've designed, ideated successful technological solutions to help business people solve their needs, always from a team perspective, thinking that the problems define their solutions and that imagination and view are our stronger allied. I design more than 30 mission critical architectures as an IT products, mostly open source, for several industries, such as government, commerce or financial organizations, achieving great business results.

I’m really convinced that a team is the foundation of every project. And I enjoy becoming part of a team and helping every participant to grow.

Good instinct for business and speech, always with a good solution on the backend, are other of my skills.
However, in 15 years, I try hard that every project where I participate has innovation, excellence and fun at work. This is for me the goal, the three things that make my job special.

What I do ?

Umm ... well, I do Technology and Business. But now I’m currently more focused on technology working in the exciting world that is Alfresco as Technical Consultant, full of brilliant people and high tech ideas. Check it out at alfresco !

Other tasks that I enjoy:  from analysis of technological trends and market, definition of IT strategy, company's IT offering, base architectures, frameworks and product portfolio focused on Open Source, Portal, ECM, SOA and J2EE technologies to change management and technology acquisition, including planning, cost and resource needs.

Feel free to contact me for any request , and we will speak !

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