Tech-artists and the hardware modeling

Today I discover an authentic tech-artist: If you look at its site, you could see some exciting projects. Really, I enjoyed a lot seeing his portable Ataris. And what we can say about the portable wii ? Congratulations, Ben.

Some years ago I made some experiments with metacrylate , mini-itx and my Dremel. Of course nowt to compare against ben's pieces of art. However, is one world where I would like to spend more time. It needs time, of course. One of my experiments was take an old ceramic turntable and refactor ( yeah, I'm a Java Developer over all the things) and convert it into a Media Center. Was a terrific present...

If you like this kind of stuff, look at mini-itx too. The most part of the boxes are made on a mini-itx (17x17). Last year, Via introduced the pico-itx ( 10x7). About 75% less than a mini-itx and with the same features ( VGA, Ehternet 100, eSata, up 1Gb).

Imagine how many unuseful things we can do with this x86 board ? We only need one excuse..

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