How I Spell Blog ?

Ummm… perhaps lazy code ? No. very lazy. JC-designs ? It sounds like Raibledesigns and I don’t have fireplace. Here don’t snow. And it’s very egocentric. How I can call this blog ? Born to be Blog ? Wanna Bannana ? Monkey Island 6 ?

Ummm… Let me think. Here I will write things about … about .. about … maybe dogs ? I have one dog. But it ( I don’t know why in engrish is it when it could be he, because he is something different that a cup ) he is not very interested in internet. Why ? He can’t eat internet. Easy. Yes , something easy, like my dog. Doggy Dog ? No, very fonky. Must be something representative of the content. But not typical. For typical things we have the msdn homepage. This is typical. And ugly. Like that we have a king, too.

I only hope that I will don’t write tuning with two n. Like tunning. Any way, the blogs of some many people make me so easy the life! This blog will help somebody ? Maybe an english’s teacher for understand that is really usefull ? . Or maybe one “copy&paste hunter” will try to copy something from here ? With a fast finger's movement ?

Of course, I could writte it in catalonian, but then I will don't have any excuse for make ortography mistakes.

Must be something that I do. No? With some risk? Without ? Scream tracker ? Sami tamiletho .. Perhaps buzz. No, I will don’t write about this. F6 was for play the whole song or only
the pattern ? Patterns ?
the gang of four ? …

Speaking about future crew. Past. More past. CPC464. Romantic chipset. Another boring blog about technology. I like it...

We can check other options. With more style: Vespa 75 Primavera. Made in italy. With this title then I must buy some black-plastic-glasses like a graphic designer .

Well. The due is here. Inaugurated. As delivered, Vainilla Flavored.

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